Thursday, January 17, 2013

Recent Accidents & Incidents

January 16 - An All Nippon Airways B787 made a safe emergency landing in Takamatsu, Japan after smoke filled the cockpit during a scheduled flight from Yamaguchi to Tokyo. Cockpit warnings indicated a battery pack failure, prompting All Nippon and Japan Airlines to ground its B787 fleet given several such battery overheating incidents within a week. The Federal Aviation Administration in the United States followed suit by grounding all B787s under its purview. (AVSIG Discussion)

January 16 - An Agusta 109 helicopter struck a crane boom in central London and crashed, killing the pilot and one person on the ground. The crash occurred in fog at the height of morning rush hour. At least 12 injuries were also reported in the vicinity of the crash debris. (AVSIG Discussion)

January 14 - The pilot of a helicopter received serious burns after crashing in Augathella in southwest Queensland, Australia.

January 12 - All three aboard a Piper PA-46 were killed after crashing near Glory, Texas. Heavy fog was reported in the area at the time of the crash.

January 10 - A Delta Air Lines B777 made a safe emergency landing on Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean after its starboard engine failed during a scheduled flight from Johannesburg to Atlanta. The aircraft circled the island to burn fuel before the landing. Passengers were deboarded and later continued to Atlanta on a relief plane.

January 10 - A Virgin Airlines flight returned to Darwin International Airport in Australia after a passenger reportedly became physically abusive over the price of a sandwich. The crew handcuffed the man and moved him to the back of the plane before electing to return to the airport.

January 8 - A Japan Airlines B787 was towed back to the gate after a fuel leak was discovered as the jet taxied for takeoff. Officials believe 40 gallons of fuel leaked from the plane.

January 7 - Fire was reported in a Japan Airlines B787 shortly after the aircraft landed at Boston's Logan International Airport. Passengers and crew had disembarked before the incident, which has been attributed to an overheated battery. (AVSIG Discussion)

January 7 - Both aboard a single-engine plane were killed after crashing into a hillside near Porterville, California. Heavy fog was reported in the area at the time of the crash.

January 5 - All five aboard a twin-engine plane were killed after crashing into a hillside in Saint Pierre de Bessieux, France shortly after departing the airport in Grenoble. Weather was reported clear at the time of the crash.

January 4 - A Delta Air Lines B757-200 made a safe emergency landing at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport after the crew detected a fuel leak on a scheduled flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas.

January 2 - All three aboard a medevac helicopter based at Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa were killed after crashing near Ventura, Iowa. No patient was aboard the aircraft at the time of the crash.

January 2 - No serious injuries were reported after a student helicopter pilot made a hard landing at Peter O'Knight Airport in Tampa, Florida.

January 1 - All three teenagers aboard a Piper PA-30 were killed after crashing shortly after takeoff from Walker County Airport near Montgomery, Alabama. The owner of the aircraft told authorities the student pilot was using the aircraft without his authorization. (AVSIG Discussion)

January 1 - A Kenyan Airways B737-700 made a safe emergency return landing to Khartoum International Airport after an engine caught fire shortly after takeoff.