Monday, October 15, 2012

Recent Accidents & Incidents

October 13 - A Piper PA-23 registered to Rainbow International Airlines crashed in the sea on approach to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, leaving one survivor and five missing and presumed lost. The surviving passenger stated that all aboard the aircraft exited with only minor injuries, however high waves separated the party.

October 12 - No serious injuries were reported after a 1955 Sikorsky S-55B made a hard landing in a field near Yorktown, New York. The pilot reported a malfunctioning fuel pump before the emergency landing.

October 10 - The pilot of a Bell 206 was killed after crashing near Morse, Louisiana. The helicopter was reportedly returning from routine maintenance when it struck a radio tower guy-wire.

October 6 - All four aboard a Beechcraft Bonanza were killed after crashing shortly after departing Northwest Regional Airport near Roanoke, Texas. The flight reportedly encountered poor weather en route to a college football game.

October 2 - A French Air Force Mirage 2000-5 crashed in eastern France during training maneuvers, killing the pilot. No injuries were reported on the ground.

October 1 - All six aboard a vintage De Havilland Dragon DH-84 were killed after crashing in rough terrain near the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. The pilot made a distress call indicating he was lost in heavy fog before the crash. (AVSIG Discussion)

September 26 - A United Airlines flight returned to Raleigh-Durham International Airport after an altercation between two flight attendants ensued shortly after takeoff.

September 22 - A single-engine seaplane crashed in Lake Lill-blåbergsträsket west of Skellefteå in Västerbotten, Sweden, killing one and injuring one.

September 17 - Both aboard a single-engine plane were killed after crashing near Vinemont, Alabama. Heavy storms were present in the area at the time of the crash.

September 16 - Both aboard a Yak-52 were killed after crashing near Moontown Airport in Brownsboro, Alabama. The pilot was reportedly performing an aerobatic maneuver in a formation flight at the time of the crash. (AVSIG Discussion)

September 13 - A WWII-era PT-19 crashed during an attempted low pass over the runway at Cape Girardeau Regional Airport in Missouri. The pilot and passenger, a newspaper reporter writing a feature on the flight, received minor injuries.

September 9 - The pilot of a Beechcraft A36 was killed after crashing into a residential garage near Eagle Lake in Racine, Wisconsin. No injuries were reported on the ground.

September 7 - A single-engine plane crashed near Rome's Ciampino airport, killing both aboard. The flight was reportedly engaged in aerial photography at the time of the crash.

September 3 - No serious injuries were reported after a single-engine landed gear-up at Spanaway Airport in Spanaway, Washington. The pilot was reportedly making a second landing attempt at the airport when he failed to lower the aircraft's landing gear.

August 31 - The pilot of a single-engine plane received serious injuries after crashing during a landing attempt at a grass air strip near Friday Harbor, Washington. Authorities believe the aircraft's landing gear snagged power lines near the runway end prior to the crash. (AVSIG Discussion)

August 27 - The pilot of a television news helicopter make a safe emergency landing in a vacant parking lot in Hollywood, California after the cockpit filled with smoke during flight.

August 25 - All five aboard a Piper Cherokee were killed after crashing shortly after takeoff from Lake Tahoe Airport in South Lake Tahoe, California. Witnesses reported that the plane struggled to gain altitude and made a sharp turn at low speed before the crash.

August 22 - An ExpressJet CRJ-200 operating on behalf of United Express made a safe emergency landing at Bluegrass Airport in Lexington, Kentucky after encountering a hydraulic failure warning during scheduled flight from Columbia, South Carolina to Chicago.

August 19 - All 31 aboard a privately-operated AN-26 were killed after crashing into a hillside in heavy fog in Sudan's South Kordofan State.

August 19 - A United Airlines B757 made a safe emergency return landing to Newark Liberty International Airport after its left engine caught fire shortly after takeoff. The flight circled the airport for over an hour to burn fuel before landing.

August 13 - A Pinnacle Airlines flight operating on behalf of Delta Air Lines made a safe emergency landing at Kennedy International Airport after blowing a tire on takeoff from Boston.

August 9 - All five aboard a Kamov Ka-32 helicopter owned by the Nefteyugansk Air Group were killed after crashing near Ankara, Turkey. The aircraft was engaged in firefighting operations when it crashed into a hillside north of the city.

August 5 - All four aboard a Piper PA-28 were killed after crashing on takeoff from Steinrücken Airport in Coburg, Bavaria, Germany. The aircraft reportedly struck trees off the runway end after struggling to gain altitude.

August 3 - An Aeroflot SU100 made a safe emergency landing at its destination of Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow after losing cabin pressure during a scheduled flight from Kazan in the Republic of Tatarstan. The crew elected to descend to 3,000 feet and continue the flight after the pressurization loss.

July 28 - All eight aboard a Beechcraft King Air were killed after crashing on approach to Juiz de Fora, Brazil. The aircraft was reportedly on its third approach to the airport in heavy fog at the time of the crash.

July 23 - The pilot of a single-engine plane was rescued in good condition after crashing into the Block Island Sound off Rhode Island. The pilot was reportedly attempting to gain altitude with a marriage proposal banner at the time of the crash and was on the phone with his eight-year-old son when he ran into control difficulty and broadcast a mayday call. The pilot's son was able to help authorities determine the location of the downed aircraft.

July 22 - The pilot of a U.S. Air Force F-16 was rescued from the Pacific Ocean in good condition by the crew of a U.S. container ship after he ejected north of Hokkaido.

July 17 - A Skywest Airlines pilot wanted in connection with the murder of his girlfriend attempted to steal a company CRJ200 at St. George Municipal Airport in Utah, but crashed the aircraft into the terminal and several vehicles before shooting and killing himself. Authorities believe the man was able to access the aircraft by scaling a barbed-wire fence using a rug for protection. (AVSIG Discussion)

July 13 - All three aboard a Gulfstream IV were killed after crashing on takeoff from Castellet, France. The aircraft was heavily damaged by post-crash fire.

July 12 - The pilot of a MiG-21 received minor injuries after overrunning the runway and crashing through a fence during landing at Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The aircraft came to rest on a public roadway. The pilot reported the aircraft's brake parachute failed prior to the overrun.

July 10 - A US Airways flight bound for Rome from Charlotte, North Carolina made an emergency landing in Philadelphia after five crew members reported becoming nauseous from cabin odors.

July 4 - A Lucky Air flight made a safe emergency landing in Wuhan after five passengers fought during a scheduled flight from Kunming to Liaoning. The incident reportedly stemmed from a passenger reclining her seat.

July 1 - The pilot of a de Havilland DH.53 Hummingbird was killed after crashing during an air show in Bedfordshire, England.