Friday, April 13, 2012

Recent Accidents & Incidents

April 12 - A single-engine plane flipped at North Palm Beach General Aviation Airport in North Palm Beach, Florida, causing minor injuries to both aboard.

April 10 - A Korean Air flight bound for Seoul from Vancouver made an unscheduled landing at Comex Valley Airport on Vancouver Island under U.S. Air Force F-15 escort after a telephoned bomb threat was received against the flight. The aircraft was safely evacuated and searched. No bomb was found.

April 9 - No injuries were reported after a single-engine plane operated by the Air America Flight Center made an emergency landing on a public roadway near Daytona Beach, Florida. The aircraft was on an instructional flight at the time of the incident.

April 8 - Both aboard an Extra Flugzeugbau EA-300 were killed after crashing in a field near Salinas, California. Weather was reported clear at the time of the crash.

April 6 - No serious injuries were reported after a U.S. Navy FA-18 crashed into an apartment complex in Virginia Beach, Virginia. (AVSIG Discussion)

April 5 - The pilot of a single-engine experimental plane received minor injuries after crashing on a horse farm near Kerhonkson, New York. Witnesses said the aircraft was flying low and struck a tree before the crash.

April 4 - Several passengers were reported injured after a Ryanair B737 depressurized during a scheduled flight from Bergamo, Italy to East Midlands Airport in England, forcing the crew to rapidly descend 20,000 feet and make an emergency landing in Frankfurt.

April 3 - Both aboard a homebuilt Rans S-12 were killed after crashing on takeoff from Falcon Field in Mesa, Arizona.

April 2 - A homebuilt Seawind 3000 crashed into the roof of a grocery store in DeLand, Florida, injuring both aboard and three in the store. The pilot reported losing power just after departing DeLand Municipal Airport.

March 30 - The pilot of a homebuilt aircraft was killed after crashing near Belmont, Ohio. Weather was reported clear at the time of the crash.

March 27 - The first officer of a JetBlue flight elected to lock the captain out of the cockpit after the man began to make threatening statements during a scheduled flight from New York to Las Vegas. Passengers and flight attendants helped subdue the captain after he began banging on the cockpit door, and another JetBlue pilot who was traveling as a non-revenue passenger was asked to staff the cockpit. The flight made a safe landing in Amarillo, where authorities arrested the captain. (AVSIG Discussion)

March 25 - All four aboard a single-engine Piper were killed after crashing on takeoff from Treasure Cay in the Bahamas. Gusty winds were reported in the area at the time of the crash.