Friday, February 24, 2012

Recent Accidents & Incidents

February 22 - An AH-1W Super Cobra and a UH-1Y Huey collided over the Chocolate Mountains near Yuma Arizona, killing all seven U.S. Marines aboard the aircraft. Both helicopters were reportedly on training exercises operating out of Camp Pendleton. Visibility was reported low due to nightfall and dust stirred up by multiple takeoffs and landings in the area.

February 22 - A Pacific Blue flight bound for Wellington from Brisbane made a safe emergency landing at Christchurch International Airport after an unspecified cockpit warning light illuminated during the flight.

February 21 - Both aboard a Sport Hornet were uninjured after making an emergency landing in a cow pasture near Mariposa, California. The aircraft was on fire prior to the landing and destroyed by flames.

February 20 - Both aboard a Piper Comanche were killed after crashing shortly after departing Abilene Regional Airport in Texas.

February 19 - A single-engine plane crashed on landing at Wood County Regional Airport in Bowling Green, Ohio after the front landing gear wheel reportedly locked up on touchdown. No serious injuries were reported.

February 19 - No serious injuries were reported after a Beechcraft Bonanza collided with a Robinson R-22 operated by Vertical CFI, Inc. near Rio Vista Municipal Airport in Rio Vista, California. Both pilots were able to make controlled landings shortly after the collision.

February 18 - A Qantas A380 bound for Los Angeles from Sydney made a safe emergency landing at Honolulu International Airport after a passenger developed a medical emergency.

February 17 - The pilot of a Beechcraft Baron received minor injuries after crashing during an engine-out landing attempt on a public roadway near Lancaster, Wisconsin. The pilot reported running out of fuel two miles short of Lancaster Municipal Airport.

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