Friday, January 27, 2012

Recent Accidents & Incidents

January 26 - The pilot of a Cessna 210 made a safe emergency landing in a field near Hemet, California after losing power on approach to Hemet-Ryan Airport.

January 24 - A student and instructor made a safe engine-out landing in their Cessna 150 in a field near Lewisburg, Tennessee.

January 23 - Both aboard a Yak-52 were killed after crashing in the Timona Recreational Reserve near Feilding, New Zealand. No injuries were reported on the ground.

January 21 - Both aboard a single-engine Cessna were killed after crashing near Madison, Indiana. The aircraft was reportedly on approach to Madison Airport at the time of the crash.

January 19 - A Delta Air Lines flight bound for Detroit from Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania made a safe emergency landing at Elmira Corning Regional Airport in Elmira, New York after the crew encountered trouble with the wing flaps.

January 18 - Both aboard a single-engine plane were killed after the aircraft reportedly broke up in flight over Leighton, Wales.

January 18 A Korean Airways cargo jet carrying cattle bound for Amsterdam from Chicago made a safe emergency landing at London's Heathrow International Airport after a cockpit warning light indicated fire in the cargo hold.

January 17 - A single-engine plane made a safe emergency landing on a public street near Topeka, Kansas after the pilot reported engine trouble.

January 16 - A chartered MD-80 carrying members of the Detroit Pistons professional basketball team made a safe emergency landing at its destination of Hobby Airport in Houston after the crew reported trouble with the left landing gear hydraulics.

January 16 - The pilot of a Piper Aerostar registered to M&H Ventures LLC was killed after crashing on takeoff from Philadelphia Municipal Airport in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

January 15 - Both aboard a Piper Comanche were killed after crashing in the Nantucket Sound near Brewster, Massachusetts. The pilot reported smoke in the cockpit prior to the crash.

January 15 - A Delta Air Lines flight bound for Costa Rica from Atlanta made an unscheduled landing in Tampa after a couple in the first class section reportedly became unruly. The passengers were met by authorities in Tampa.

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