Friday, January 13, 2012

Recent Accidents & Incidents

January 12 - A U.S. Airways flight made a safe emergency landing at Yeager Airport near Charleston, West Virginia after smoke was detected in the cargo hold during a scheduled flight from Nashville to Washington D.C. No evidence of a fire was found.

January 12 - The pilot of a single-engine plane received minor injuries after crashing into a stand of trees near Stangelville, Wisconsin. The pilot was able to climb down from his airplane in the treetops and seek help. Authorities believe alcohol was a factor in the crash.

January 11 - Both aboard a helicopter were killed after crashing near Mosjoen, Norway. The flight was reportedly herding reindeer at the time of the crash.

January 10 - A Piper PA-31 carrying employees of Aboriginal Strategies Inc. crashed in North Spirit Lake in Ontario, Canada, killing four and severely injuring one. The pilot was reportedly attempting to land at a nearby airstrip in heavy snow before the crash.

January 10 - A helicopter crashed near Churchfields Industrial Estate in Salisbury, England, injuring all three aboard. A witness reported that the pilot appeared to be searching for a landing spot when the aircraft contacted a treeline.

January 9 - An American Airlines B737 made an emergency landing at Albany International Airport in New York after losing oil pressure in one engine.

January 8 - The pilot of a single-engine experimental kit plane was killed after crashing shortly after takeoff from Jackson County Airport northeast of Atlanta.

January 7 - A medevac helicopter was forced to land in Walterboro, South Carolina after the patient being transported broke free from his restraining straps and began fighting with the flight crew. The man had previously jumped out of a moving car on Interstate 95.

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