Monday, September 19, 2011

Recent Accidents & Incidents

September 18 - A London-bound Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight made a safe emergency landing in Jordan after the crew reported a "technical fault." Airline officials reportedly speculated the emergency landing and several similar recent flight delays were part of a concerted effort by unnamed parties to sabotage company operations.

September 17 - The pilot of a Cessna 172 was killed after crashing near Greenville Municipal Airport in Greenville, Maine.

September 17 - The pilot of a WWII-era T-28 operating on behalf of the Trojan Horseman aerobatic team was killed after crashing during an aerobatic maneuver at the Thunder Over the Blue Ridge air show in Martinsburg, West Virginia. (AVSIG Discussion)

September 16 - Eight spectators and the pilot of a modified P-51 Mustang were killed after the aircraft crashed near a spectator gallery at the Reno Air Races in Reno, Nevada. High-resolution video frames of the aircraft before the crash revealed a broken elevator trim tab on the tail and an extended tailwheel gear. The wings of the crashed Mustang had reportedly been shortened by five feet on each side and ailerons shortened from 60 to 32 inches to increase speed and maneuverability. (AVSIG Discussion)

September 15 - A Thompson Airways flight made an emergency landing at London's Gatwick Airport after a passenger attempted to open an emergency exit at 36,000 feet, shouting, "It's OK, we are just on a flight simulator."

September 12 - A Cessna 182 crashed near Stanley, Idaho, killing both aboard. Search efforts were hampered by heavy terrain.

September 8 - The pilot of a Cirrus SR20 was killed after crashing near West Liberty, Ohio.

September 7 - A chartered Yak-42 operated by Yak-Servis crashed on takeoff from Yaroslavl, Russia, killing 43, including a professional hockey team and staff. Two crew members reportedly survived the crash. Witnesses reported that the aircraft struggled to gain altitude after rotation. (AVSIG Discussion)

September 6 - A Russian Air Force MiG-31 crashed during a training flight in the Ural Mountains in western Russia, killing both aboard. Russia grounded all MiG-31 pending an investigation of the crash.

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