Friday, July 8, 2011

Recent Accidents & Incidents

July 8 - A Hewa Bora B727 crashed short of the runway at Kisangani Airport in The Democratic Republic of the Congo, killing 53 of 112 aboard. Heavy thunderstorms were reported in the area at the time of the crash.

July 7 - Both aboard a Mooney M20 were killed after crashing into a hospital in Watsonville, California. Witnesses said the aircraft struggled to gain altitude after departing Watsonville Municipal Airport. (AVSIG Discussion)

July 4 - The pilot of a single-engine plane was killed after colliding with another single-engine plane near Shoreham Airport in Shoreham, England. The pilot of the other plane was able to safely return to the airport.

July 3 - Both aboard a single-engine plane were killed after clipping utility lines and crashing shortly after departing Santa Paula Airport near Oxnard, California.

July 2 - The pilot of a single-engine plane was killed after crashing near Tom B. David Airport in Calhoun, Georgia.

July 1 - A Southwest Airlines B737 made a safe emergency landing at its destination of Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix after an engine failed in flight. The flight originated in El Paso, Texas.

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