Monday, May 23, 2011

Recent Accidents & Incidents

May 21 - A Delta DC-9 made a safe emergency landing at Austin Straubel International Airport in Green Bay, Wisconsin after the odor of smoke was detected in the forward galley during a scheduled flight from Detroit to Minneapolis.

May 20 - The pilot of a Lancair Legacy was killed after crashing into a mountainside in El Dorado National Forest in California.

May 19 - Both aboard a Bellanca 17 were killed after crashing near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Heavy snow was reported in the area at the time of the crash.

May 18 - A B707 operated by Omega Air Inc. as a refueling tanker under contract with the U.S. Navy crashed on takeoff from Point Mugu Naval Air Station near Los Angeles, injuring all three aboard. An engine reportedly caught fire before the crash.

May 18 - All 22 aboard a Sol Saab 340 were killed after crashing in Argentina's southern Patagonia region. The airline reported receiving a distress signal from the flight prior to the crash.

May 17 - All four aboard a twin-engine plane were killed after crashing near Sao Paulo, Brazil. Controllers reported losing contact with the pilot for some time prior to the crash.

May 16 - A US Airways flight returned to its gate in Indianapolis after the first officer passed out shortly after pushback.

May 15 - The crew of an American Airlines MD-82 made a safe emergency landing in Little Rock, Arkansas after reporting an engine fire shortly after departure from Dallas.

May 15 - Both aboard a Tiger Moth biplane were seriously injured after crashing in Dorsett, England. Witnesses said the aircraft appeared to be performing aerobatics before the crash.

May 14 - The pilot of a SportCruiser was killed after crashing on takeoff from Arlington Municipal Airport in Arlington, Washington. Witnesses said the aircraft appeared to enter an aerodynamic stall before the crash.

May 13 - A US Airways A319 returned to Atlanta after the crew noted a mechanical malfunction with the main landing gear.

May 12 - The pilot of a A-29 Super Tucano was killed after crashing near Natal, Rio Grande do Norte Brazil.

May 11 - All four aboard a single-engine plane were injured after overrunning an embankment during a takeoff attempt at Rock Airport near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Two middle school students and their science teacher were aboard the flight, which was reportedly operating on behalf of a school field trip.

May 11 - An unidentified airliner made an emergency landing at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport after a passenger reportedly gained access to the cockpit and attacked the flight crew during a scheduled flight from Poland to the United Kingdom. The passenger reportedly sustained substantial injuries while being subdued.

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