Monday, April 25, 2011

Recent Accidents & Incidents

April 24 - A Los Angeles Police Department helicopter made a safe emergency landing in Van Nuys after a gunman opened fire on the aircraft from the ground. Fuel was found leaking from the aircraft after the attack. The gunman was reportedly subdued by family members and taken into custody.

April 23 - A single-engine plane registered to Cub Crafters Inc., crashed at the Rocky Mountain Airpark fly-in community near Parker, Colorado, killing both aboard. A witness reported seeing the aircraft in a spin before the crash.

April 23 - A helicopter pilot received minor injuries during an emergency landing in Massillon, Ohio. The pilot elected to make the landing after transmission failure.

April 22 - All four aboard a Beechcraft Baron were killed after crashing in a field near Topeka, Kansas. Witnesses reported seeing the aircraft flying under low cloud cover before the crash.

April 20 - A LOT flight bound for Warsaw from Chicago made an unscheduled landing in Reykjavik, Iceland to deboard two intoxicated passengers who assaulted the flight crew.

April 20 - A Thomson Airways B767 chartered for London made a safe emergency return landing to Orlando Sanford International Airport after striking birds shortly after takeoff.

April 19 - A Paven Hans Mi-17 helicopter with 23 aboard crashed during a landing attempt in Tawang, killing 17 and injuring six.

April 18 - Both aboard an experimental Christen Eagle II were killed after crashing near San Angelo, Texas. Witnesses said the aircraft was performing aerobatics before the crash.

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