Monday, April 25, 2011

Recent Accidents & Incidents

April 24 - A Los Angeles Police Department helicopter made a safe emergency landing in Van Nuys after a gunman opened fire on the aircraft from the ground. Fuel was found leaking from the aircraft after the attack. The gunman was reportedly subdued by family members and taken into custody.

April 23 - A single-engine plane registered to Cub Crafters Inc., crashed at the Rocky Mountain Airpark fly-in community near Parker, Colorado, killing both aboard. A witness reported seeing the aircraft in a spin before the crash.

April 23 - A helicopter pilot received minor injuries during an emergency landing in Massillon, Ohio. The pilot elected to make the landing after transmission failure.

April 22 - All four aboard a Beechcraft Baron were killed after crashing in a field near Topeka, Kansas. Witnesses reported seeing the aircraft flying under low cloud cover before the crash.

April 20 - A LOT flight bound for Warsaw from Chicago made an unscheduled landing in Reykjavik, Iceland to deboard two intoxicated passengers who assaulted the flight crew.

April 20 - A Thomson Airways B767 chartered for London made a safe emergency return landing to Orlando Sanford International Airport after striking birds shortly after takeoff.

April 19 - A Paven Hans Mi-17 helicopter with 23 aboard crashed during a landing attempt in Tawang, killing 17 and injuring six.

April 18 - Both aboard an experimental Christen Eagle II were killed after crashing near San Angelo, Texas. Witnesses said the aircraft was performing aerobatics before the crash.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Little Everyday Terrors

Should we be outraged about a six-year-old girl getting a pat down at a TSA checkpoint?  Here's the video.

The "cute little girl" (so-described by some blogger in the course of oh-so-subtly setting up a victimization rant ... though we think she looks somewhat dangerous) recently raised concern while passing through an enhanced imaging device at a TSA checkpoint in New Orleans.  She was called aside for the white glove treatment.

Since the only other important news this week is Joe Biden sleeping through a budget meeting and the president of Czechoslovakia stealing pens, the video of a little girl being checked for contraband is all the rage.

A spokesperson for the Louisiana ACLU has breathlessly opined that clearly, the little girl didn't want a pat down.  But who wants a pat down?  That guy standing over there in the Bermuda shorts, maybe, but America's Next Suicide Airline Bomber probably doesn't want one, especially  if not wanting one is acceptable logic for not getting one.

In response to the above video, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, promises to introduce legislation that requires "parental supervision" during such pat downs. Shucks, Jason.  The parents were right there.  They took video.  Does the word "supervise" so boldly empower the poor chumps who sent you to Washington as to warrant a press release, let alone legislation?

The little girl, who appears in the video to be at worst bewildered and at best waiting to see if a clown with balloons comes next is purported to have burst into tears after the experience.

Some little girls burst into tears over dropped ice cream cones and snapped Silly Bandz. But assuming our cute little girl was indeed so-traumatized, a little proactive parenting might have worked wonders here. 

"Sweetheart?  We're traveling by airplane today.  A stranger might touch you, but it's not going to be bad touching like in the videos they show you at school."

(Sweetheart?  After the airplane ride we're getting a cab ride from a man who looks like one of those bad men in the videos they show you at school.  But we're going pay him so he'll let us go, and right in front of our hotel!).

We like Derrionne Pollard's wisdom, filmed by a CNN crew as she hustled her yet-untraumatized young son through a TSA screening point:

"That took what?  All of 20 seconds to get done?  Suck it up.  It's a part of travel right now." 


Monday, April 11, 2011

Recent Accidents & Incidents

April 10 - The pilot of a twin-engine Cessna was killed after crashing into a house near Biddeford Municipal Airport in Biddeford, Maine. One occupant in the house was reported injured. Witnesses said the aircraft clipped trees before the crash.

April 10 - All three aboard a Cessna 310 were killed after crashing near McComb, Mississippi.

April 6 - A Skywest flight operating on behalf of Delta Air Lines made a safe emergency return landing to Portland International Airport in Oregon after ingesting a bird shortly after takeoff.

April 6 - An American Airlines flight bound for Paris from Dallas made an unscheduled landing at O'Hare International Airport after a inebriated passenger became unruly.

April 5 - A Southwest Airlines B737 bound for Denver made a safe emergency landing at Oakland International Airport after the crew encountered trouble with the wing flaps.

April 2 - All four aboard a Gulfstream G650 were killed after crashing during a takeoff attempt at Roswell International Air Center in Roswell, New Mexico. The aircraft was reportedly on a company test flight at the time of the crash. Witnesses said a wingtip brushed the runway during rotation and a subsequent hard touchdown caused the landing gear to collapse.

April 1 - A Southwest Airlines B737 made a safe emergency landing in Yuma, Arizona after a five-foot hole developed in the fuselage shortly after takeoff from Phoenix on a scheduled flight to Sacramento. The incident prompted Southwest to ground 80 of its high-cycle 737s for inspection. (AVSIG Discussion)