Monday, March 7, 2011

Recent Accidents & Incidents

March 5 - All six aboard a Russian An-148 were killed after crashing in central Russia. The aircraft was reportedly being tested by Myanmar Air Force pilots prior to delivery at the time of the crash.

March 5 - A Cessna 172 operated by the Aeroflyer Flying School crashed during touch-and-go training at Cirebon Airport in West Java, Indonesia, causing minor injuries to the instructor and student. The plane's nose gear reportedly broke before the crash.

March 3 - An Austrian Airlines Fokker F70 made a safe emergency return landing to Franz Josef Strauss International Airport in Munich after a landing gear wheel fell off the aircraft during takeoff rotation.

March 3 - Both aboard a single-engine plane were killed after crashing near Mahanayim Airport in the Upper Galilee region of northern Israel. The pilot reported engine trouble before the crash.

March 1 - Both aboard a helicopter were injured during a hard-landing crash at Tooele Valley Airport in Erda, Oklahoma.

March 1 - A French Air Force Mirage 2000 crashed near Saint-Pres-Oradoux Crocq in central France, killing both aboard. The aircraft was reportedly on a low-altitude training flight at the time of the crash.

February 28 - Two Kfir fighter jets collided over Colombo, Sri Lanka and crashed during a training exercise. Both pilots reportedly ejected; their fates were undisclosed at post time.

February 27 - All four aboard a McKinnon Turbo Goose G21G owned by Triple S Aviation were killed after crashing shortly after takeoff from Al Ain International Airport near Dubai.

February 26 - The pilot of a 1969 BAC-167 Strikemaster was killed after crashing into the Hudson River near Rhinecliff, New York. Witnesses said the aircraft struck the frozen river in a nosedown attitude. The pilot was reportedly performing a fly-by for friends on his maiden flight in the vintage military jet. (AVSIG Discussion)

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