Monday, February 14, 2011

Recent Accidents & Incidents

February 14 - Both aboard a Thai Air Force F-16 safely ejected before the aircraft crashed in the Chaiyaphum province of Thailand. The aircraft was on a training exercise at the time of the crash.

February 12 - No serious injuries were reported after a Cessna 150 crashed near Springdale Airport in Springdale, Arkansas.

February 12 - All five aboard an aircraft operated by Sabang Merauke Raya Air Charter were killed after crashing in the Riau Islands province of Indonesia. The aircraft was reportedly on a maintenance test flight at the time of the crash.

February 11 - A SkyWest flight bound for San Francisco from Santa Barbara made a safe emergency landing at Monterey Peninsula Airport in California after losing cabin pressure.

February 11 - All five aboard a single-engine plane were killed after the aircraft crashed into the 3,000-foot level of a mountainside in Saint-Luc, Val d’Anniviers Switzerland.

February 10 - An Alaska Airlines flight returned to the gate Seattle-Tacoma International Airport after a rat was seen in the cabin. Passengers were transferred to another flight.

February 9 - Two single-engine planes collided at 1,500 feet over Mission, British Columbia Canada, killing one of two aboard a plane that crashed into a swamp. Both aircraft were reportedly locked together and spiraling to the ground when the crew of one aircraft was able to work the controls to free the airplane from the entanglement. The crew of that aircraft found that full flight control was still available, cut fuel, restarted, and made a safe emergency landing in a field. The aircraft involved in the collision were reportedly flying in formation with several other aircraft at the time.

February 9 - A Southwest Airlines B737 made a safe emergency return landing to Omaha after smoke filled the cockpit shortly after takeoff.

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