Wednesday, February 9, 2011

NOTAM: Still Watch for Cattle on the Runway

We haven't gotten mailbags here at the AVSIG International Aerodrome & Farm ever since the mail man was chased off by the FBO Labradoodle, but somehow these questions arrived in our mailbag this week:

Is the AVSIG International Aerodrome & Farm a real place?
WM, Poughkeepsie, NY 

Do you provide flight training?
WHM, Fargo, ND

Are there any beef cows in the runway overruns, and do you guys ship the steaks when someone lands long?
discoPete, Miami, FL

Well of course the AVSIG International Aerodrome & Farm is real ... in every way that the tin man's heart, scarecrow's brain, and lion's courage are real.  But we don't provide flight training, and we don't ship steaks from unfortunate ORBs*

Let's just say that in heavy rain we're the kind of real place where our hangar leaks, but nobody gets wet.

The 'Drome & Farm shtick developed in AVSIG's blinking fixed-pitch green-on-black beginning when something in our collective human nature demanded that we attach a folksy backdrop to the novel act of typing messages back and forth to strangers on CRT screens.

There were no Twitter feeds or YouTubes to suggest that there was anything normal or everyday about conducting life inside a glass rectangle in 1981.  Sandy Trevor & Co. hadn't yet dreamed up GIFs to spare us our thousand words.

So the sight-unseen destination modem-connected aviators from around the globe converged on naturally became an airport.  Land your bits and bauds a the AVSIG International Aerodrome.

Someone soon surrounded our airport by farmland, and then someone started talking about cows. 

Industrial parks and golfers are used to intercept short and long runway traffic at some airports, but our virtual airport would use grazing cows.  Land your bits and bauds at the AVSIG International Aerodrome & Farm.

This year we celebrate AVSIG's 30th anniversary as the oldest real imagined place in all of online-dom.  Though we've rehabbed the runways a few times and a metropolis of FaceGoogles have grown up around us we're still the same old place.

Please do log-in and land at our humble little aerodrome.  Hang around our always-open, always-warm, always-well-lit hangar, where the coffee and conversation never stops flowing and the coffee pot always never gets cleaned.

Despite the fact we don't offer flight training and don't ship steaks, you might learn a thing or two about aviation, and you might periodically step in evidence of cows.


*Overun Retention Bovine

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