Monday, December 27, 2010

Recent Accidents & Incidents

[[i]Accidents & Incidents published by [url=][/url] are preliminary and not meant to reflect the complete or official record of aviation accidents/incidents and their causes.[/i]]


December 24 - All three aboard a Rockwell Commander were killed after crashing at 11,500-feet into the Wind River Mountains near Lander, Wyoming.  Weather was reported as poor at the time of the crash.

December 24 - The pilot of a hot air balloon was uninjured after falling to the ground when Santa Claus tipped the gondola while leaning out to toss candy to onlookers at an elementary school in Midvale, Utah.  The balloon reportedly ascended rapidly once the pilot had been jettisoned, but Santa was able to use the radio to receive instructions for landing.  Residents of a nearby apartment complex helped grab the balloon's tethers; a resident was uninjured after being hit by a car during the rescue.

December 24 - A Southwest Airlines B737 made a safe emergency landing at Oakland International Airport after the crew received an engine fire warning shortly after departing San Francisco.

December 23 - The pilot of a single-engine Cessna was uninjured after flipping the airplane during touch-and-goes at Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers, Florida.

December 22 - The pilot of a Mooney M20 was killed after striking trees on approach to Penn Yan Airport in Penn Yan, New York.  Freezing rain was reported at the time of the crash.

December 22 - A single-engine plane crashed into an office building in Wheeling, Illinois, killing one and injuring one.  The pilot reported mechanical trouble shortly after departing Chicago Executive Airport.

December 21 - A Gulf Air flight bound from Bahrain to Paris made a safe emergency landing in Munich after a passenger suffered a heart attack in flight.  The stricken passenger was evacuated in Munich and the flight continued to Paris.

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