Monday, November 29, 2010

Recent Accidents & Incidents

[Accidents & Incidents published by are preliminary and not meant to reflect the complete or official record of aviation accidents/incidents and their causes.]


November 28 - A Delta Air Lines flight made a safe emergency landing at Denver International Airport after two passengers lost consciousness due to medical conditions during a scheduled flight from Minneapolis to Los Angeles.

November 27 - An IL-76 cargo plane crashed into an under-construction apartment complex shortly after takeoff from Karachi, Pakistan, killing all eight aboard and four on the ground. Witnesses reported seeing flames from one of the plane's engines before the crash.

November 26 - A regional jet operating on behalf of United Airlines made a safe emergency return landing to Greater Rochester International Airport in New York after a warning light indicated a brake failure. The warning light was determined to be faulty.

November 25 - The pilot of a Mooney was killed after crashing near Hollister Municipal Airport in Hollister, California. Rescue efforts were reportedly hampered by muddy roads.

November 25 - An Mi-8 helicopter crash-landed in the Omsk region of western Siberia, killing seven of 10 aboard. The flight was reportedly en route to oil fields in Krapivinskoye at the time of the crash.

November 24 - A Mexican Air Force cargo plane crashed on takeoff from Monterrey International Airport in Mexico, killing all five aboard.

November 23 - The pilot of a Robinson R44 police helicopter was struck in the face by a pigeon after the bird came crashing through the canopy over El Monte, California. The pilot was able to make a safe emergency landing in the parking lot of a nearby public school.

November 22 - Both aboard a Piper Comanche were killed after crashing near Norfolk, Nebraska.

November 21 - All three aboard a Beech Musketeer were killed after crashing in the Pacific Ocean off Newport Beach, California. The aircraft was reportedly en route to Torrence, CA from Mexico at the time of the crash.

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