Monday, September 13, 2010

Aviation Accident & Incident Update for September 13, 2010

[Accidents & Incidents published by are preliminary and not meant to reflect the complete or official record of aviation accidents/incidents and their causes.]


September 12 - No injuries were reported after a Piaggio Avanti skidded off the runway after its landing gear failed to extend during an aborted takeoff at St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport in Florida. The pilot reported hearing a popping sound before electing to abort.

September 11 - No injuries were reported after a helicopter chartered by National Broadcasting Services of Thailand struck utility lines and made a hard landing on a pier in the Chao Phraya River near Bangkok. The helicopter was evacuated just before the pier collapsed into the river under the weight of the helicopter.

September 10 - A JetBlue Embraer 190 made a safe emergency return landing to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida after the odor of smoke was detected in the cabin.

September 10 - A Delta Air Lines flight bound for Tampa returned to Detroit Metropolitan airport shortly after takeoff due to a disruptive passenger.

September 9 - A Delta Air Lines CRJ900 made a safe emergency return landing to Memphis International Airport in Memphis, Tennessee after losing cabin pressure shortly after takeoff.

September 9 - A U.S. Air Force Texan II made a safe emergency landing at Kansas City International airport in Kansas City, Missouri after encountering engine trouble during a flight from Enid, Oklahoma to Pittsburgh.

September 9 - A single-engine pontoon-equipped plane made a safe emergency landing in a field near Wolcott, New York after losing engine power. The pilot reported that he was headed to Sodus Bay on Lake Ontario to refuel during a flight from Michigan to Maine.

September 9 - Both aboard a single-engine seaplane were injured after crashing in a field near Huron, New York. The pilot and passenger were able to extricate themselves from the wreckage.

September 9 - A Kolb Twinstar Mark III veered off the runway and crashed on landing Elkhart Municipal Airport in Elkhart, Indiana, killing the pilot.

September 9 - The pilot of an ultralight was seriously injured after crashing in a residential back yard in Perris, California. Investigators found the engine still running in the wreckage.

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