Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Aviation Accident & Incident Update for September 7, 2010

[Accidents & Incidents published by www.AVSIG.com are preliminary and not meant to reflect the complete or official record of aviation accidents/incidents and their causes.]


September 6 - A single-engine plane crashed into a residential street in Las Vegas, killing the pilot and injuring three aboard. No injuries were reported on the ground. At least one house sustained damage from the post-crash fire.

September 6 - A Scandinavian Airlines flight made a safe emergency landing in Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany after smoke was detected in the cabin during a scheduled flight from Frankfurt to Copenhagen.

September 6 - A hot air balloon made a safe emergency landing in Huber Heights, Ohio after experiencing control trouble.

September 5 - A biplane crashed into spectators during a takeoff attempt at an air show at Lillinghof Airfield near Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany, killing one spectator and injuring 33. The pilot was reportedly uninjured.

September 5 - Both aboard a homebuilt aircraft were killed after crashing on takeoff from Mabel Lake air strip near Lumby, British Columbia, Canada.

September 5 - A police helicopter made a safe emergency landing on a residential cul-de-sac in Columbus, Ohio after encountering control problems during routine patrol.

September 4 - An engine on a Slovak AirExplore 737 caught fire shortly after passengers deplaned at Kos Island International Airport in Kos, Greece. No injuries were reported.

September 4 - An Air Canada flight made a safe emergency return landing to Vancouver International Airport after the crew detected a problem with the landing gear shortly after takeoff.

September 4 - A single-engine plane crashed near DeLand, Florida, killing one and injuring one. Witnesses said the aircraft clipped power lines before the crash.

September 4 - Two aircraft competing in the Merlin Trophy races collided over Hampshire, England, killing both aboard one aircraft. The other aircraft involved in the collision made a safe landing at Bembridge airport on Isle of Wight.

September 4 - A single-engine plane flipped while making an emergency landing on the baseball field of Cape Henry Collegiate School in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The pilot was reportedly uninjured.

September 3 - The pilot of a kitbuilt plane received serious injuries after crashing near the airport in Lake Elmo, Minnesota.

September 3 - A United Parcel Service 747 crashed as the crew attempted to make an emergency return landing to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, killing both aboard. The crew reported a cockpit fire before declaring the emergency. (AVSIG Discussion)

September 2 - All terminals at Miami International Airport were evacuated after a metal canister was found in luggage near a baggage claim area. The canister was found to be non-threatening.

September 2 - A Beechcraft Queen Air crashed into a lagoon near Redwood City, California, killing all three aboard. Witnesses said the engine was running rough before the crash, and that the aircraft entered the water at steep angle. (AVSIG Discussion)

September 2 - A single-engine plane crashed into an embankment during a landing attempt in Hirschbach im M├╝hlkreis, Austria, killing both aboard.

September 2 - An American Airlines 737 made a safe emergency return landing to O'Hare International Airport in Chicago after being struck by lightning shortly after takeoff.

September 2 - A banner-towing Cessna 150 registered to Drake Aerial Enterprise in Genoa, Ohio crashed on takeoff from Boone Airport in Boone, Iowa, killing the pilot. Witnesses said the aircraft struggled to gain altitude before the crash.

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