Monday, June 21, 2010

Aviation Accident & Incident Update for June 21, 2010

[Accidents & Incidents published by are preliminary and not meant to reflect the complete or official record of aviation accidents/incidents and their causes.]


June 20 - Three crew members were injured after a Thai Airways flight encountered severe turbulence at 18,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean off Kochi Prefecture.

June 20 - The pilot of a 1943 Taylor Craft L2 received minor injuries after crashing near a recreational lake in Canton, Ohio. Authorities used the pilot's cellphone GPS signal to locate the wreckage.

June 20 - The pilot of a single-engine plane was killed after crashing in a suburb of Toronto. The aircraft reportedly crashed into a parking lot on approach to Buttonville Airport.

June 19 - An Air New Zealand Beech 1900 made a safe emergency landing at Woodbourne Airport near Blenheim, New Zealand. The crew noticed a vibration coming from the front of the plane shortly after departing Gisborne.

June 19 - A DC3 "Candy Bomber" which participated in the Berlin Airlift made an emergency return landing to Berlin's Schoenefeld Airport after encountering undisclosed trouble shortly after takeoff. Seven passengers were reportedly injured during the landing. The aircraft is currently operated by Air Service Berlin, which provides tourist flights.

June 19 - No injuries were reported after a Robinson R22 helicopter crashed near Hillsboro, Oregon. The pilot reported losing power before the crash.

June 19 - A Robinson R44 helicopter crashed on Unalaska Island in Alaska, killing the pilot and injuring both passengers.

June 19 - A twin-engine Cessna operated by Oasis Flight Services crashed in a residential area near Plymouth, Massachusetts, injuring all three aboard. No injuries were reported on the ground.

June 19 - A single-engine plane clipped a van before crash-landing on Highway 99 near Merced, California. The pilot reported that his engine had begun shaking violently before the forced landing. No injuries were reported.

June 18 - No injuries were reported after a twin-engine plane crash-landed at Perranporth Airfield in Perrenporth, Cornwall, U.K. The pilot reported losing an engine on takeoff.

June 18 - All 11 aboard a Mexican military helicopter engaged in drug trade intervention were killed after crashing near Durango, Mexico. Poor weather was reported in the area at the time of the crash.

June 18 - A 1910 Glenn Curtiss replica crashed on its maiden flight out of Penn Yan, New York, seriously injuring the pilot.

June 18 - The pilot of a Siai Marchetti F260 was uninjured after making a gear-up landing at Somerset Airport in Bedminster, New Jersey. The pilot reported that his landing gear failed to extend.

June 18 - Both aboard a South Korean Air Force F5 were killed after crashing near Gangneung, South Korea. The aircraft was on a training flight at the time of the crash.

June 17 - A Cessna Caravan seaplane operated by V1 Jet Management LLC struck a rock while landing off Long Island, New York, causing substantial damage to the aircraft. The four occupants swam safely to shore.

June 17 - A six-place Cessna 310 registered to Rod Aviation crashed on landing in Sierra Blanca, New Mexico, killing five of seven aboard. The aircraft reportedly overshot the runway while landing. (AVSIG Discussion)

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