Monday, June 7, 2010

Aviation Accident & Incident Update for June 7, 2010

[Accidents & Incidents published by are preliminary and not meant to reflect the complete or official record of aviation accidents/incidents and their causes.]


June 6 - A passenger aboard a Lufthansa flight bound for Frankfurt from Buenos Aires became ill and died during the flight. An autopsy suggested that one of 104 cocaine capsules in the man's stomach burst during the flight.

June 5 - Both aboard a Beech 19 received serious injuries after crashing shortly after takeoff from Long Island MacArthur Airport in Long in New York. The pilot was reportedly performing touch-and-goes at the time of the crash. (AVSIG Discussion)

June 4 - A Royal Australian Air Force C-130 made its second emergency landing within 24 hours after smoke fumes entered the cockpit. The aircraft landed safely at an RAAF Base in Edinburgh, South Australia. The aircraft reportedly made an emergency landing at Richmond Air Base near Sydney hours earlier due to an engine fire.

June 4 - An Alliance Air ATR-42 operating on behalf of Air India made a safe emergency return landing to Indira Gandhi International Airport in Pathankot, Punjab, India after airport personnel found shards of tire rubber on the runway shortly after the aircraft departed.

June 3 - A Federal Aviation Administration Beech King Air made a safe nose-down landing at Fort Worth Alliance Airport in Texas after the nose gear failed to deploy. The FAA check pilot was reportedly on a check flight at the time of the incident.

June 3 - A JetBlue Airways A320 bound for New York made an emergency return landing at Orlando International Airport for undisclosed reasons.

June 3 - A Hawaiian Airlines flight made a safe emergency return landing to Honolulu International Airport after the crew was forced to shut down an engine shortly after takeoff.

June 3 - A Utah National Guard C-130 made an emergency landing at Salt Lake International Airport after smoke was reported in the cockpit during an exercise.

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