Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Winds of Change Blow Through

It's looking more like this blog will be powered by wind by 2012. The Obama Administration has just authorized wind exploration here in Central Ohio despite protests from right-wing conservatives, who claim that wind is already in great evidence in the state with no need for a federally-funded study.

The first green-technology, fully-wind-driven windsocks will be going up here at the AVSIG International Aerodrome and Farm in May. Our own base Mr. Fixit, Robin Bee, will be working with the federales to hook-up the bright orange socks to the blog you're now reading so that even if nothing comes of the wind study efforts, at least we'll harvest blog entries out of the deal.

The wind-to-words process still strikes this humble blogger as fuzzily dodgy ... I just don't get it.

But regular readers whom I trust assure me that this blog's conversion from hot air to clean wind technology will result in a brighter future for our children and our world.

Happy first of April, everyone.


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