Monday, April 19, 2010

Accident & Incident Update for April 19, 2010

Accidents & Incidents published by are preliminary and not meant to reflect the complete or official record of aviation accidents/incidents and their causes


April 18 - The pilot of a single-engine plane was killed after crashing on takeoff at Orlando North Airpark in Zellwood, Florida.

April 17 - A single-engine Cessna made a safe emergency landing at Panama City-Bay County International Airport in Florida after smoke filled the cockpit. The smoke had reportedly subsided by the time firefighters reached the aircraft.

April 16 - A Spanish military Bell AB-212 crashed in the Fond Verrettes, Haiti, killing all four aboard. The aircraft was engaged in earthquake relief efforts at the time of the crash.

April 16 - A Cessna 182 registered to Aerial Advertising in Vista, California, crashed during a landing attempt at Gillespie Field in El Cajon, California, injuring both aboard. The aircraft reportedly struck utility lines before the crash.

April 16 - A United Airlines Airbus A320 made a safe emergency landing in Lincoln, Nebraska after smoke filled the cockpit during a New York-Denver flight. No serious injuries were reported.

April 16 - The pilot of a 1961 Brantly B-2 helicopter lost control of the aircraft as he performed engine testing at Ukiah Municipal Airport in California, destroying the helicopter and embedding a two-foot piece of the main rotor in a hangar wall 100 feet away. The pilot suffered minor injuries in the crash.

April 15 - The pilot of a single-engine plane received serious injuries after crashing on approach to Baraboo Airport in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Heavy wind and rain were reported at the time of the crash.

April 15 - A single-engine plane made a safe emergency landing on the shores of Lake Michigan in Gary, Indiana after the pilot reported an oil pump failure. The pilot reported he intentionally conducted the flight hugging the shoreline of the lake in case trouble developed.

April 15 - A Red Bull race plane crashed in the Swan River in Perth, Australia, causing minor injuries to the pilot. The aircraft was making a low pass over the river at the time of the crash.

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