Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Next Time, Take the Train

From the Sure Signs the World Economy is Coming Back Dept: Seen while sorting through world aircraft accident and incident stories recently, a Russian site reporting on the emergency landing of a UTAir Air Company ATR-42. After detailing the airliner emergency, the enterprising Russians wrapped up their story with this missive:

"One of the best ways to travel Russia and see all its beauties is surely by train. The tickets for all Russian trains can be booked and bought on our site." (With link included).

Presumably there will be a reciprocal link to airline tickets on all the train mishap stories at this site.

And it's only a matter of time before news stories about earthquakes beget links to commercial space flight bookings.

Struggling world news sites could learn from the Russians ... or not. In any case, this kind of cheek makes all those in-your-face pop-ups that online news sites insist on assaulting even their subscribers with look downright quaint.

(In the spirit of the new Russian Aditorialepreneurship, if this blog entry bored you, we suggest you visit someone more bored than you).

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