Monday, March 22, 2010

Aviation Accident & Incident Update for March 22, 2010

[Accidents & Incidents published by are preliminary and not meant to reflect the complete or official record of aviation accidents/incidents and their causes.]


March 21 - A United Airlines 737 made an emergency return landing to Chicago O'Hare International Airport after developing pressurization problems shortly after takeoff.

March 21 - The pilot of a Marchetti SF 260 made a safe emergency landing in East Anglia, U.K. after losing the canopy on his aircraft in flight.

March 20 - The pilot of a Zenith 610 made a safe emergency landing near Cincinnati, Ohio after losing oil pressure.

March 20 - A WestJet flight bound for Hawaii from Vancouver made a safe emergency return landing to Vancouver after striking an unknown object shortly after takeoff.

March 20 - All three aboard two single-engine planes were killed after colliding in midair over Williston, Florida. Weather was reported clear at the time of the crash.

March 19 - A Cirrus SR22 registered to Washtucna Aviation LLC crashed near Morton, Washington, killing the pilot and critically injuring the passenger. The aircraft clipped trees before crashing into the front yard of a residence. No injuries were reported on the ground. (AVSIG Discussion)

March 19 - A Super Puma helicopter transporting Queen Sofia of Spain made a safe emergency landing in Toledo, Spain after struggling to gain altitude after takeoff.

March 19 - Five of 23 aboard a Russian Mi-8 helicopter were injured after crashlanding near Kamchatka, Russia. Heavy snow was reported at the time of the accident.

March 19 - A medevac helicopter operating out of Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, Florida made a safe emergency landing in Land O'Lakes after the crew noticed an unusual vibration shortly after picking up a patient. The patient was transferred to another helicopter without further incident.

March 19 - A single-engine Cessna made an emergency landing on U.S. 40 near Brazil, Indiana. The pilot and passenger reportedly sustained minor injuries during the landing.

March 18 - An Exin Antonov An-26 operating as a cargo flight made a safe emergency landing on the frozen Lake Ulemiste near Tallinn, Estonia. The aircraft reportedly developed both engine and landing gear trouble during a flight from Finland. The aircraft broke through the ice shortly after the crew was evacuated. (AVSIG Discussion)

March 18 - A UTair Air Company ATR-42 made a safe emergency landing in Roshchino, Leningrad Oblast, Russia after the right engine failed.

March 18 - A single-engine plane crashed on takeoff from Huntsville, Arkansas, killing the pilot. The aircraft reportedly struggled to gain altitude before the crash. A witness reported seeing the aircraft at an extreme nose-up attitude before impact.

March 18 - The pilot of a Beechcraft Travel Air was killed after crashing shortly after takeoff from Sky Acres Airport in LaGrange, New York. (AVSIG Discussion)

March 18 - A float plane crashed into Lewisville Lake near The Colony, Texas, injuring one. Another occupant was reportedly missing after the crash.

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