Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Outside the Garden Wall

Our Accidents & Incidents section has traditionally been one of our most viewed discussion areas, logging daily updates on aircraft mishaps and discussion by industry professionals. It's the place to go for high-signal, low-noise lessons-learned talk and insight on both the operational and regulatory sides of the aviation industry.

Most of our sections are private to AVSIG members, but we've purposely made the A&I area visible to passers-through, hoping that this kind of transparency will benefit everyone.

Near as we can tell, we've accomplished most of that goal. A check of our forum viewing cache finds unlogged guests viewing the A&I section more than any other, and several hundred guests often come by in the hours after a major airline accident to read updates and industry discussion.

If anyone has not benefitted from the arrangement it's the AVSIG members who have shared their expertise with the world.

AVSIG has been running on real people with real names for the past three decades. The practice tends to foster high-quality interaction and little, if any "internet wisdom" passing through our hallowed phosphor halls. It's not a policy that's popular with everyone, and with good reason. There are those in the industry who would just as soon not have their airman database-searchable real name on aviation crash discussion out there where any Tom, Dick, or Harry can cruise by and cut, paste, & harangue.

Tom, Dick, and Harry, as it turns out, are alive and well, and they've been reading AVSIG.

Recently some of our members have been subpoenaed -- some even telephoned at home -- for testimony and/or other information
on aircraft systems, operations, and in some cases specific accidents based on their AVSIG postings.

Straight out of the We Just Knew this Would Happen Some Day Department.

So we're going to make life a little tougher for web-trolling accident litigators and government officials.

We will continue to publish aviation accident and incident updates and selected edited discussion on this blog, but if you'd like to know what specific AVSIG members are saying about aviation mishaps you're going to have to log in as an AVSIG member using your real first and last name.

We won't hold anything against you if your first name happens to be Tom, Dick, or Harry.

In addition to becoming part of one of the swellest groups of aviators anywhere, you will get to know the real people behind the real names on AVSIG -- the biggest bonus we know of for becoming an AVSIG member.

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