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Aviation Accidents & Incident Summary for January 11, 2010

[Accidents & Incidents published by are preliminary and not meant to reflect the complete or official record of aviation accidents/incidents and their causes.]


January 10 - A Piper Navajo crashed into a mountainside in heavy cloud cover east of Honolulu, killing both aboard. Witnesses said they heard the aircraft's engine making a loud popping noise before the crash.

January 10 - Flights were canceled at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Ohio after a power failure at the airport. Road salt dust driven by strong winds is suspected to have contributed to a transformer fire before the outage.

January 10 - A United Airlines Airbus A-310 made a safe emergency landing at Newark International Airport after the right landing gear failed to extend. The aircraft made a smooth landing on the nose and left gear. Passengers evacuated via emergency slides without incident. AVSIG Discussion.

January 9 - No injuries were reported after a single-engine plane crashed off the south coast of Long Island. The pilot and passenger were able to walk to shore safely from the crash site.

January 9 - A Cessna 140 crashed west of Chico Airport in Chico, California. No injuries were reported.

January 10 - All four aboard a single-engine Piper received minor injuries after crashing near Mittagong, Australia. The aircraft reportedly clipped trees shortly after taking off from a nearby airport.

January 9 - A single-engine plane crash-landed on a beach near Durban, New Zealand, injuring one of four aboard. The aircraft's propeller reportedly disintegrated before the crash.

January 9 - An Airborne Streak 2 ultralight crashed near Bakersfield, California, killing both aboard. The pilot and passenger reportedly jumped from the aircraft before the crash.

January 8 - No injuries were reported after a Piper Navajo with 14 aboard made an inadvertent gear-up landing in Bloodvein, Manitoba. The aircraft was operating by Superior Airways as a commercial airline flight at the time of the accident.

January 8 - A Great Lakes Beech 1900 made an emergency landing at Ernest A. Love Field in Prescott, Arizona after the aircraft's nose-gear failed to lower. The flight circled the airport while the gear was lowered manually. The aircraft landed without further incident.

January 8 - An AirTran Airways 737 bound for San Francisco from Atlanta made an unscheduled landing in Colorado Springs after a passenger locked himself in a lavatory and refused to comply with the instructions of the flight crew. Two F-16s escorted the flight to the airport. Passengers were deplaned in Colorado Springs without further incident.

January 8 - A Delta Connection Embraer 145 aborted takeoff from Logan International Airport in Boston after a smoke odor was detected in the cabin. The flight was evacuated using rolling steps. No injuries were reported.

January 8 - A single-engine plane crashed at Sequim Valley Airport in Sequim, Washington, killing the pilot. The aircraft reportedly crashed at high speed nose-first into a field adjacent to the airport.

January 6 - A helicopter owned by Chesapeake Bay Helicopters crashed near Grantsville, Maryland, seriously injuring the pilot.

January 6 - A passenger was removed from a Detroit-bound Delta Airlines flight in Miami after he reportedly made loud anti-Semitic comments during taxi. Authorities tasered the man after he struggled an arresting officer.

January 6 - Two F-15 fighter jets escorted a Hawaiian Airlines flight back to Portland International Airport in Oregon after a passenger reportedly made provocative comments and refused to stow his carry-on bag. The flight landed without further incident and the passenger was removed from the plane.

January 6 - A Cessna 172 skidded off the runway and flipped during a landing attempt at Ramona Airport in California, slightly injuring the student pilot. The pilot was reportedly returning from a solo flight at the time of the crash.

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