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Aviation Accidents & Incident Summary for January 6, 2010

[Accidents & Incidents published by are preliminary and not meant to reflect the complete or official record of aviation accidents/incidents and their causes.]


January 5 - A would-be passenger was detained in Stuttgart, Germany after he repeatedly told security personnel at the airport that he had explosives sewn into his underwear. After later claiming he was only joking, security screeners performed a full body search and no explosives were found. The man and his family were denied boarding. The airline reported that no refund would given, and authorities were considering imposing several fines against the man.

January 5 - All four aboard a Bell 206 helicopter being operated by the California Department of Fish and Game were killed after crashing near Redinger Lake near Fresno, California. The aircraft reportedly struck power lines before the crash.

January 5 - A Learjet operated by Royal Air Charter crashed in a wooded area while attempting to land at Chicago Executive Airport in Wheeling, Illinois, killing both aboard. The aircraft was reportedly operating as a cargo flight at the time of the crash.

January 5 - A terminal at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport was evacuated after a bomb-sniffing dog reacted to a piece of luggage on a baggage carousel. The suspicious bag was searched, but no bomb was found.

January - 5 A Royal Jordanian Airbus A-340 made an emergency landing in Shannon, Ireland during a Montreal-Amman flight after a passenger complained of chest pains. The passenger was safely evacuated to emergency personnel and the flight continued after a four-hour delay.

January 4 - A Ryanair 737 returned to Liverpool John Lennon Airport after a cockpit warning light indicated an onboard fire. All passengers and crew were safely evacuated via emergency slides; no sign of fire was immediately found by investigators.

January 4 - The pilot of a Cessna 172 was killed after crashing north of Bangor, Maine. The pilot reported ice on the aircraft's wings prior to the crash,

January 3 - A Russian Orenburg Airlines Boeing 737 made a forced landing in Iran after developing unspecified trouble during a scheduled flight from Perm to Dubai. The aircraft landed without further incident.

January 3 - A single-engine Cessna crashed shortly after takeoff from Doylestown, Pennsylvania, but the pilot and passenger escaped the aircraft without injury. The aircraft reportedly lost power before the crash.

January 3 - Terminal C at Newark International Airport in New Jersey was locked down after a man walked past screeners via the outbound exit from the secure area. Officials were reviewing video from the security checkpoint.

January 3 - No injuries were reported after an Air Berlin 737 ran off the runway during an aborted takeoff in Dortmund, Germany. The crew reportedly elected to abort takeoff after the pilot and co-pilot received contradictory speed information on their instrument displays.

January 2 - A passenger unwittingly carried RDX plastic explosives aboard a Danube Wings flight bound for Dublin after Slovakian security personnel at Poprad-Tatry Airport in central Slovakia placed bomb components in his luggage as part of a security test. Security officials reportedly placed explosives in nine randomly selected pieces of passenger luggage at the airport as part of the test. Eight bags were detected by screeners.

January 2 - A single-engine Cessna crashed in Ursel Belgium, killing both aboard. The pilot reportedly aborted a landing attempt in heavy snow before the crash.

January 2 - A Delta Airlines flight bound for New York returned to Boston after the cockpit crew smelled smoke. The flight landed without incident; the source of the smoke odor was not immediately found.

January 2 - A Fairchild Metro III operated by Locair, Inc. veered off the runway and struck a fence during landing at Lake Cumberland Regional Airport in Somerset, Kentucky. No injuries were reported in the crash, which reportedly occurred after the aircraft's nose-gear steering malfunctioned.

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